Water Swallow

About Us

The Mobile Hydration Station is part of the not for profit organisation Boomerang Bags, providing filtered water, chilled water at indoor and outdoor events across northern NSW and southeast QLD. With the aim of reducing plastic water bottle use, the Water Swallow is equipped with drinking fountains and taps and provides an environmentally sustainable way for event patrons to fill up their water bottles or to get a drink.

How It Works

The Water Swallow has two drinking bubblers and six tap outlets, which allows event patrons to easily and conveniently access filtered drinking water. The innovative design enables it to be either hooked up to town water or use a 1200 litre self-contained unit with a state of the art Grander Water filtration system as well as an onboard water meter to track usage.

The Benefits

The Water Swallow not only reduces an event's environmental footprint in terms of plastic water bottle use but also reduces waste throughout and after an event. The Water Swallow also provides a platform for event patrons to increase their awareness of the harmful impacts of single-use plastics and improve their environmental sustainability. This increased awareness is the most beneficial tool in creating a more environmentally conscious society and a more sustainable future.



Please fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 1 business day. Alternatively, call Tania on 0410552025 and ask about the mobile hydration station!

Proceeds help fund Boomerang Bags, a not-for-profit community driven initiative.